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The rewards of creating the family of your dreams are priceless. However, the financial commitment can be very challenging. Our financing options.

Care That Achieves a Successful Pregnancy

Columbus Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility offers reproductive medicine/ infertility services for both women and men, including the full range of fertility testing, and basic and advanced fertility treatments. Regardless of your situation, our nationally recognized infertility specialists can work closely with you to develop a personalized fertility treatment plan, including IVF, PGD, egg donation & surrogacy and other fertility options. We take your dreams seriously and is dedicated to providing compassionate care, so why not get to know us better.


Our practice is put to the test daily earning the continuing trust and respect of our patients and our colleagues. We are proud of our record and the enduring relationships we have with the many individuals who have passed through our doors. We can help you evaluate all of your options, establish realistic expectations, and follow an appropriate course of infertility treatment, which might include promising new therapies.

State-of-Art Fertility Treatments

Client Testimonials

I never imagined that a doctor could be so warm and compassionate. Dr. Thiruppathi is the kindest doctor that I ever met. I had several infertility problems, but he fixed them all and was determined to find out the reason I still wasn’t getting pregnant. He never gave up on me through the good times and bad, even when I was afraid we would have to give up. He was constantly showing me “the bright side of things”. My husband used to say that whenever I got down, he was going to send me to Dr. Thiruppathi because he always made me feel better. His office staff is extremely kind and friendly also, and became like my second family…

We use the most advanced technology available today.

We use the most advanced technology available today. The da Vinci Surgical System enables our surgeons to perform delicate and complex operations through a few tiny incisions with increased vision, precision, dexterity and control.

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